"The Full Moon is a feminine filter of yang, solar power. In Scorpio, she is a cozy, sensitive, & rigorous light, shedding all layers that don't serve, that we no longer need." Maya


Happy Earth Day everyone!

Hi everyone, this Momma Vidda. I get to write this post... so don't be thrown off by the different writing style.

Reflecting on the Warmth, Strength, Vibrance of the Sun, being an Island Girl, makes me think immediately of tropical islands, brilliant blue seas, soft sandy beaches, and coral atolls and mango and avocado shakes. But it might be different for you! The urban farmer in me also thinks of growing a garden while listening to the soft, musical clucking of my chickens in the background, sometimes the whirring sound of the hummingbirds feeding on my bugs and flowers....... Just yesterday, I got carried away (again!) at the nursery, which then determined my day to be a day of gardening. After going around, talking to my plants, encouraging them to grow tall, to reach for the sun, I got my hands into the soil, warm, rich, musty smelling to planting seedlings.... tomatoes, fragrant sweetpeas, flat italian beans, chinese longs, and a new variety of bean that claims to have hints of chocolate! Flowers, lots of flowers.....  interestingly or coincidentally, I chose the colors of the sun... reds, oranges, bright yellows. Must be getting in sync with the energies!

Compensate for Mars in Retrograde by filling up on sun.... get out there, even if it's raining! Many cultures have wonderful ways to connect with the sun. Native Americans have their sun dances. Hindu's, their morning ritual. Have you tried it? Simply, it's standing out in your yard in the early morning. Face the morning sun as it starts to rise in the east, placing your arms, palm up, out to your sides and raising them slowly embracing the sun's goodness. Some choose to look at the sun while doing this but I highly recommend not. Instead, close your eyes to feel the sun's warmth lovingly embracing you back. Do you already have your own sun ritual? Let's hear about it!

Sprouting. Seed's have their own innate ritual with the sun. Breaking through the skin, sending tails out, top and bottom. One to root down into the soil, the other reaching out to the sun. We can learn so much from them. Try sprouting and watch how quickly seed's respond to sun and water. And then add them to your salads, sandwiches and even your Bibimbap Nouveau Bowl, topped with a bit of Sriracha sauce, for possibly the most nutritious meal you might ever have!

Vitamin D. Of course, the best source of this is the sun. Ha! Back to the morning Sun Greeting Ritual. It's said the best way is to do this with as much skin exposed as possible. Dare you?

Salad with 7 Ingredients. Bibimbap Nouveau Bowl. This is a dish that originates from Korea but lately has become the rage in it's many reincarnations for foodies (I'm a foodie! My entire family are foodies!). So here you go: At the beginning of the week, cook up a pot of brown rice or quinoa or both. Store in sealed container in the refrigerator to pull out for whenever you have an inclination for this dish. Here's seven possible ingredients:

Chopped greens (your choice!); sliced radishes/tomatoes/shredded carrots; slice parboiled green beans/asparagus; precooked crumbled tofu that's been fried with garlic and soy sauce/thinly sliced bits of chicken/beef/pork or seafood of choice; chopped nuts of choice; sliced green onions/fresh coriander leaves/flat parsley; sprouts (I prefer mustard sprouts for the tang but your choice; fried egg to top it off!!!

Yeah, I know it's more than seven ingredients. Hard not to put more. This is one of those dishes that can be as simple or as complicated as you want it. What's great about it is that most of the ingredients are things that can be standard fare in your refrigerator. So not a lot of prep or cooking and ready in ten minutes!

Green Smoothies. Hmmmm.... a recipe for green smoothies. First, there's the base: Apples, celery, cucumbers. Everything after that is totally up to you: chard, spinach, kale, dandelion leaves (liver cleanser and healer!). For flavor: I love, love, love ginger. So good for your tummy! Honey, more apples. Lemon is a great cleanser. I'm currently growing a couple of Malunggay trees. The leaves from this are supposedly the current great miracle plant for the healthy nutrition they provide. Don't know all the details but do know that almost every home in the Philippines has at least 3 or 4 of these growing in their backyards. And that it is the best with chicken soup!

Honor the last hours of ancient sunlight. Bring you full presence to Earth's lubrication, the oils from prehistoric plant and animal matter that are now mined for gasoline, petroleum, plastics, etc. We are so hooked to these resources. It will certainly be interesting to see how we adjust and decompress from our addiction, and what our scientists and engineers come up with to replace our sources of energy. I know for me, in my own little way, I've been in the practice of looking at where I can reduce my footprint. And just when I think I'm doing a good job, I see another area that needs attention. So back to the morning ritual of welcoming the sun, asking for forgiveness for our misuse and abuse of it's power, delving into the osmosis process of feeling and sharing love, and receiving gifts. Knowing we are loved and honored, only to remember to love and honor back.

Love, Vidda!